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The first step of the apprenticeship is to open your path with a reading of your four personal Naguals (also known as Nawals or Nahuales). In the Maya Cosmology, there are 20 Naguals and 13 numbers in the Maya calendar. Each day and number bring a different “energy,” power or spirit of Beings and elements of nature, and can give you insight into your own personal potential and Cosmic Movement. These naguals are given during a reading with a Maya Spiritual Guide/Priest. A reading is open to all who want to explore and obtain more clarity within their personal Being. 

If you are interested in a Maya Nagual Reading please book using the button below. 

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If you have ever had an interest in diving deep into the studies of the Maya Spiritual Cosmology or understanding the mystical, ancient teachings, House of 13 Eagles is a one of a kind school. With the permissions and guidance of the Maya Elders, we have created a sacred container, an “apprenticeship”, that will take you on a journey of self-realization, cosmic investigation, and deep mystical practices. During this apprenticeship, you will receive your personal Naguals, study the 20 energies of the Maya calendar, and spend the next several cycles in deep studies of the mysteries and ancient teachings, that you will find nowhere else. 


Within this container, you will be introduced to various sacred teachings, learn different healing modalities, participate and learn to do various ceremonies and so much more!

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